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The practical and philosophical viability of the libertarian position

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Thesis -- Sweet Briar College, 2003.

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A senior honors thesis in the Department of Government, Sweet Briar College.

Statementby Leslie N. Sturgeon
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Literature of Liberty, published quarterly by the Institute for Humane Studies, is an interdisciplinary periodical intended to be a resource to the scholarly issue contains a bibliographical essay and summaries of articles which clarify liberty in the fields of Philosophy, Political Science, Law, Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Education, . in the first three months of pregnancy, the woman's right to an abortion is unrestricted; after this period, a state may regulate (but not ban) abortion; after viability, a state may regulate and even forbid abortions, except when abortion is necessary to preserve the health or life of the woman. By Andrew Dittmer, who recently finished his PhD in mathematics at Harvard and is currently continuing work on his thesis topic. He also taught mathematics at a local elementary school. Andrew enjoys explaining the recent history of the financial sector to a popular audience. Many readers wrote in warm and thoughtful comments on the series I wrote interviewing Code Name .

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The practical and philosophical viability of the libertarian position by Leslie N. Sturgeon Download PDF EPUB FB2

Definitions. Viability, as the word has been used in United States constitutional law since Roeis the potential of the fetus to survive outside the uterus after birth, natural or The practical and philosophical viability of the libertarian position book, when supported by up-to-date viability depends largely on the fetal organ maturity, and environmental conditions.

According to Websters Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of. Justin Amash. Justin Amash Becomes the First Libertarian Member of Congress In an interview, the freshly-minted presidential candidate talks abortion, the.

My first instinct is that a woman owns her body, and can do anything she wants with it, including ejecting any growth on or within her.

And that is simple and straightforward, and seemingly consistent with libertarian precepts. The problem is, as. But upon consideration, libertarian economists, most notably Murray Rothbard and David Friedman, concluded that the practical viability of anarchism is underrated: At least once established, so-called anarcho-capitalism would work better in pragmatic terms than a libertarian minimal government.

Today is the th anniversary of the birth of Thomas S. Szasz (), the most unappreciated libertarian in modern times. Beginning with his book The Myth of Mental Illness in and proceeding through dozens of books and hundreds of articles, Szasz, a Hungary-born physician and psychiatrist, spent more than half a century analyzing and debunking the myriad.

In their book The Libertarian Vote, David Boaz, David Kirby, and (former Reason Foundation polling director) Emily Ekins looked at the data and confirmed as much.

"According to our analysis Author: Stephanie Slade. Freethought as a philosophical position and as activism was important in North American individualist anarchism.

In the United States "freethought was a basically anti-Christian, anti-clerical movement, whose purpose was to make the individual politically and spiritually free to decide for himself on religious matters.

Awaiting the King is the third and final installment in James KA Smiths Cultural Liturgies series. In this final book, Smith considers what it looks like for Christians to engage in a democracy.

Given the state of political tension in America, Smiths book is timely/5. Christianity Today Book Award of Merit winnerThe Christian worldview proposes answers to the most enduring human questions. But are those answers reliable. In this systematic text, Douglas Groothuis makes a comprehensive apologetic case for Christian theism--proceeding from a defense of objective truth to a presentation of the key arguments for God from natural/5.

As strange as this might sound to people trained in classic views of God, it makes a lot of what the Bible says about God much clearer. This book, "The Openness of God," is an excellent place to start studying open theism.

The only section I felt uncertain about was the portion entitled "A Philosophical Perspective" by William Hasker.5/5(5). The Fifth Column – An excellent libertarian news and analysis podcast with Matt Welch, Editor of Reason magazine, Kmele Foster, an entrepreneur and libertarian talking head, and Michael Moynahan, a libertarian-leaning columnist.

It’s more news focused than EconTalk, and more crude, but I find it is entertaining and provocative. As is standard in libertarian discussion, LFL brings a philosophical, rather than a religious or merely pragmatic, perspective to the abortion debate.

3 Being libertarian, LFL opposes the use of state power to enforce policies or principles that cannot be supported on the grounds of defense against aggressors. The state should not side with any. This paper raises a pair of objections to the novel libertarian position advanced in Robert Kane's recent book, The Significance of Free first objection's target is a central element in Author: Ishtiyaque Haji.

The absolute best book on this question is Michael Huemer's The Problem of Political Authority (), particularly section II of the book, which is all about the practical viability of such a system. You can find an ebook of it online pretty easily.

There is simply no other book that matches the case made in Huemer's book (and none with such clarity and concision). Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society. Gary Chartier, Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ) “Anarchism’s case, against the state and for the viability and desirability of a polycentric legal order, receives its most challenging and detailed articulation in Chartier's book.”.

Original article submitted to IPR by Caryn Ann Harlos, Social Media Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. She is not speaking on behalf of LPCO here. *Correction 11/3/ quotes were incorrectly attributed to the Association of Libertarian Feminists as.

Liberalism constitutes an invitation to inquiry into the rules of governance that enable us as fallible but capable human beings to live better together; to realize the gains from social cooperation under the division of labor. True liberal radicalism exalts liberal virtues, and those liberal virtues undergird the institutions of liberal political : Peter J.

Boettke. He would need to undertake a systematic criticism of modern morality in regard to its viability as part of an ongoing market order. In so doing, he would be resuming the task undertaken by those moderate rationalists, Bernard Mandeville and David Hume, whom Hayek rightly sees as the fountainheads of classical liberalism.

The question as to when a human person begins is a philosophical question. Current discussions on abortion, human embryo research (including cloning, stem cell research, and the formation of mixed-species chimeras), and the use of abortifacients involve specific claims as to when the life of every human being begins.

This is the branch of philosophy that concerns itself with discovering what humans should value (the Good), rules of right and wrong, and what character traits people should have (virtues) and the character traits people should avoid (vices). Epistemology. C.S. Lewis claimed, "Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad.

“The lack of free will, sometimes called determinism, maintains that peoples' decisions are the result of an unbroken chain of prior occurrences; each action is caused by the previous one; individuals don't really have choices.” – news story from The Vancouver Province, 2/28/ The naturalistic understanding of human nature needn't be hidden from public view, so long as it's.

This paper raises a pair of objections to the novel libertarian position advanced in Robert Kane's recent book, The Significance of Free first objection's target is a central element in. Misesian position by explicitly attacking the orthodox view of economic calculation.

However, the nature of the Mises-Hayek critique was never fully understood at the time, mainly because Austrian economics was never fully dif-ferentiated as a type of economic theory separate from con-ventional competitive market theory, and the debate. Libertarian Reaction is a collection of fifteen essays by Insula Qui.

The book explores various issues from a libertarian reactionary perspective. The book is divided into three sections; one focusing on reaction, one focusing on liberty, and a long final essay.

The first part begins with an essay on the limits of libertarian ethics. Introduction - overview of a positive naturalism.

What unites the secular variety of humanists, if anything, is naturalism, the world view that there exists a single, natural world, that known by science. As I hope to show, naturalism has much that is positive, productive, and profound to recommend it as a world view, and secular humanists should make this view more widely known.

A “practical libertarian” might argue that legalizing abortion makes it “safer” (less dangerous to the mother), presumably because legalization ensures a greater supply of abortionists who can do the job without endangering the mother’s life, and at a lower price than a safe abortion would command without legalization.

by Mario Rizzo There has been a lot of talk this year, and especially during the holiday season, about the inequities in the distribution of wealth and income. But most of what has been written is quite simple-minded, if the writers mean to convey something more than their own personal preferences for a different distribution.

Reactionary Liberty is a book about libertarian philosophy by Robert Taylor that approaches this and related subjects from a reactionary perspective. The book is divided into fifteen chapters, with a short introduction preceding.

Taylor begins with a four-page introduction in which he explains his motivations for writing the book.

Although he is somewhat circumspect in defending this position, Id., pp. – he emphasizes the analytical truth ‘that insofar as it maintains freedom of choice, soft paternalism is less intrusive and less dangerous [in terms of libertarian.

The Harvard philosopher, Robert Nozick, won the National Book Award for his philosophical explorations in Anarchy, State, and Utopia, and books by Charles Murray, David Boaz, and Richard A. Epstein have further extended the discussion of libertarian ideas.

And the impact of Ayn Rand continues to grow. The spectrum from process theism to Calvinist determinism is considered, and one detects an endeavor to describe each position in non-pejorative and fair ways.

Second, I believe Basinger has successfully accomplished his main purpose, viz. to demonstrate the philosophic viability of various forms of freewill by: 1. The book aims to show that law and its enforcement do not require a state, but it can be sustained by non-coercive private enterprise and charity.

It explores the consequences of libertarian thought, describes examples of stateless societies (such as the Icelandic Commonwealth) and offers the author's personal statement about why he became a. The economic hurdles of a left-libertarian alliance.

by Guest Authors that economic malaise and fiscal austerity may vitiate the viability of left-libertarian alliances. Before I explain why, though, a digression on left-libertarian coalitions is in order. But 90% of the people who claim to have a philosophical position on the right.

And when a grocery store in Canada mistakenly sold 14 copies of a new Harry Potter book a few days before its official release on Saturday, Ja Canadian judge "ordered customers not to talk about the book, copy it, sell it or even read it before it is officially released at a.m.

July ". John Stuart Mill (–), who reviewed Democracy in America, praised it as the first philosophical book on democracy as it manifested itself in modern society. Mill was to evolve as the most important single advocate of applying the doctrines of liberalism, many of them already practiced in America, to Europe.

The General Idea of Proudhon’s Revolution The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century is one of the classics of anarchist literature.

[1] Written in the aftermath of the French Revolution, it sets forth a libertarian alternative to the Jacobinism which at that time still dominated the republican and revolutionary. As is standard in libertarian discussion, LFL brings a philosophical, rather than a religious or merely pragmatic, perspective to the abortion debate.

3 Being libertarian, LFL opposes the use of state power to enforce policies or principles that cannot be supported on the grounds of defense against aggressors.

The state should not side with any. Spring Course Descriptions. PhilosophyIntroduction to Philosophy: Freedom, Mind, Morality, and Mortality (HU) We will look at a representative selection of topics from the history of philosophy and current philosophical debates: ethics, social and political philosophy, the scope and nature of our knowledge of the world, the.

If you are in a position where you are capable of reading a book, any book written by anyone, then you would have to already be enlightened, at least to some extent. We can imagine that the vast majority of those reading this book already had a high degree of enlightenment before even starting this book.

Conservatism and its modernising, anti-traditionalist rivals, liberalism and socialism, are the most influential political philosophies and ideologies of the post-Enlightenment era.

Conservatives criticise their rivals for making a utopian exaggeration of the power of theoretical reason, and of human perfectibility. The Libertarian Alliance [LA]. This is an alliance between classical liberals and anarcho-liberals.

It uses the longer word of “libertarian” in its title as the word, “liberal”, has been largely taken over by statists, ironically the very opposite of the free traders they replaced, as the statists are protectionists, ipso facto. Hans Herman Hoppe is an interesting libertarian philosopher because of his Argumentation Ethics which was in many peoples minds an ethical proof of libertarianism.

Stephan Kinsella might make for a great guest on this subject, he is the leading libertarian property rights philosopher right now, his work on argumentation ethics, estoppel theory. thoughts on “ Jacob G.

Hornberger: There is only one libertarian position on immigration ” Thomas L. Knapp Aug at I read this piece the other day and found myself wishing that Hornberger would throw in for the LP nomination.